A Renewable Fuels Production Facility will provide significant measurable and long-term benefits to the environment. The T-E-C Reformer technology provides a 100% conversion of waste products into energy commodities without creating hazardous byproducts or fugitive emissions. Currently, biomass waste streams are either burned, spread on land or dumped in landfills – all represent environmental hazards of one kind or another.

The T-E-C Reformer process provides a more reliable, economically viable and environmentally responsible safe solution to the disposal of organic waste – converting environmentally harmful waste into valuable energy and fuel resources.

ULS Diesel, methane & propane GAS produced by the T-E-C Reformer are renewable fuels with a minimum of a 60% lower Greenhouse Gas (GHG) profile in comparison to extracted and refined fossil fuels.

The ASH resulting from processing animal manures is a potent fertilizer that sequesters phosphorous into a non-soluble form and eliminates pathogens and chemical residues. The non-soluble phosphorus in the ASH is available to plants, but in contrast to raw manures will not leach phosphorous into watersheds and aquifers.

The T-E-C Reformer technology mitigates many of the environmental problems and greenhouse gas emissions associated with the use and disposition of carbon-based waste material.

The T-E-C Reformer based Production Facility is effectively an Oil & Gas Well with unlimited renewable reserves as well as a non-polluting Oil Refinery. Decentralizing Fuel production has significant strategic, cost, and enviromental safety advantages.