Renewable Energy

Riomar Energy LLC is a Delaware Limited Liability Corporation licensing intellectual property for the development of Renewable Fuel Production Facilities including  the worldwide  licensing of the Thermal-Electrical-Chemical (T-E-C) Reformer.

Thermal-Electrical-Chemical Reformer

The T-E-C Reformer is a patented and field-tested technology that converts a wide range of renewable organic waste materials (animal waste, agricultural crop residue, biomass, and woody waste) into three continuous output streams:

      OIL - a hydrocarbon liquid with lighter end 'aromatics'

      GAS -  hydrogen, methane and propane

      ASH - a fertilizer/soil amendment

The OIL is upgraded utilizing the hydrogen in the GAS into transportation diesel, gasoline and/or jet fuel via hydrotreatment - a standard catalytic process used in oil refineries.

Significant cost savings are achieved by using the hydrogen segregated from the GAS.

The T-E-C Reformer combined with standard Hydro-treating technology produces drop-in transportation fuel from renewable waste or agricultural residual sources. 

    • Skid Mounted: Ease of Maintenance & Accessibility
    • Modular: Match Capacity to Feedstock Availability and Market Demand